Definition of bloody-minded in US English:



  • Deliberately uncooperative.

    • ‘Proud, reactionary, occasionally intimidating, fiercely independent, bloody-minded perhaps, but not sanguine.’
    • ‘Nothing is more guaranteed to put off prospective teachers and to undermine the government's efforts to boost the profession than the annual Easter spectacle of bloody-minded, unrepresentative hooligans.’
    • ‘It's so relaxing to be in a world where things go as you want them to - real life today is so very bloody-minded.’
    • ‘The show is bloody-minded, bizarre and one-off original.’
    • ‘In the name of customer care, modern companies now set up an obstacle course only the most determined, bloody-minded and technically-blessed customer will get through.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, he wages a low-level campaign of civil disobedience in the tax office where he works, destroying evidence of fraud - more, it seems, out of bloody-minded laziness than idealism.’
    • ‘The real credit to the team was not just the sheer bloody-minded defence, but the fact it was achieved by so many second-string players in a squad short of depth.’
    • ‘The more people try to stop me, the more I want to do it, just to be bloody-minded.’
    • ‘That here is an athlete of such power, skill and bloody-minded determination that victory is accepted quietly, as if expected, and defeat like a plague on his house.’
    • ‘The prime minister would, it is said, have taken the plunge had it not been for the bloody-minded insistence of his chancellor in sticking to the Treasury's five tests.’
    • ‘Every commercial breakthrough or rich, melodic offering has given way to a more bloody-minded - or just bloody - follow-up.’
    • ‘It was only a bloody-minded determination by the media to wrong-foot the Prince that gave this humorous aside even the appearance of controversy.’
    • ‘What the amateur sheep-owner discovers is that lambs are bloody-minded, perverse, suicidal, self-destructive, and infuriating.’
    • ‘But almost two hours, the drizzle isn't letting up, the cold is starting to bite, and a handful of bloody-minded sheep are refusing to respect the newly erected electric fence.’
    • ‘Discipline a key factor in this, and all the more important because other teams were clearly going to struggle for tries against such a bloody-minded defence.’
    • ‘People of this sign have real difficulty fitting into the established order and have a bloody-minded will of their own.’
    • ‘It's a good team up in York and it would be pretty bloody-minded for the new tenant not to give them a good chance.’
    • ‘Impatient, stupid and bloody-minded drivers like this should be made to walk everywhere, so that we smaller fish can cross the road at designated crossings without being in fear of our lives.’
    • ‘I can't say what effects it had, because I didn't end up taking the stuff - in the end I'm too independent and bloody-minded to to want to have my thoughts and moods governed or ameliorated by a drug.’
    • ‘And all of them could be bloody-minded and contrary, helping you one minute but ignoring you the next.’
    uncooperative, unreasonable, contrary, unhelpful, awkward, obstructive, truculent, recalcitrant, unaccommodating, unyielding, inflexible, uncompromising, unbending, refractory, disobliging, obstinate, stubborn, perverse, not giving an inch
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/ˌblədi ˈmaɪndɪd//ˌblədē ˈmīndid/