Definition of bloodwood in US English:



  • Any of a number of hardwood trees with deep red timber.

    a tree of the Old World tropics (genus Pterocarpus, family Leguminosae)

    an Australian gum tree (genus Eucalyptus, family Myrtaceae, in particular E. gummifera)

    • ‘I follow the green up the stony rise behind the bloodwood.’
    • ‘This species of eucalypt here is one of the yellow bloodwoods.’
    • ‘We visited in September during the Wibabiya season, when singing rings through the sun-drenched stringybark, woollybutt and bloodwood forests.’
    • ‘The homestead museum sits secluded among the bloodwoods, nutwoods and cabbage gums.’
    • ‘The inlaws do the carving of the Pukumani poles which are made from the bloodwood tree, then painted with ochres and erected around the grave.’