Definition of bloodmobile in US English:



  • A motor vehicle equipped for collecting blood from volunteer donors.

    • ‘By taking the bloodmobiles to the schools, the Red Cross hopes to establish a habit with youths to donate blood, which will carry over into their adult lives.’
    • ‘Locally there are three bloodmobiles scheduled for this week.’
    • ‘At the bloodmobiles, the children could accompany their parents and share in their donation experience.’
    • ‘With the recent hurricane disasters, the sponsoring groups are encouraging every student to come out to one of their ‘bloodmobiles’ in front of the Chemistry Building.’
    • ‘More than 4,400 residents gave the gift of life in 2004 through the Red Cross bloodmobiles.’
    • ‘Click on the donation locations link above to find a bloodmobile near you.’
    • ‘Regionalized employees assigned to bloodmobiles will be entitled to travel time at their normal hourly rate after they have traveled for thirty minutes from their assigned regional bases.’
    • ‘It is unclear if the bloodmobile will ever be able to function again.’
    • ‘There were other important needs, but the bloodmobiles were critical to the future of the organization.’
    • ‘We understand the importance of owning or leasing mobile bloodmobiles that are dependable.’
    • ‘A new bloodmobile can increase our blood donations by approximately 10% or about 10,500 units of blood annually.’
    • ‘Every American Red Cross bloodmobile is hosted by a volunteer, someone just like you.’
    • ‘Works on bloodmobiles performing blood collections functions in strict accordance with all regulations.’