Definition of blood transfusion in US English:

blood transfusion


  • The process of transferring the blood of a person into the veins of another.

    • ‘Allogeneic blood transfusion is an everyday lifesaving procedure for which there is mostly no alternative.’
    • ‘All patients with open wounds received penicillin and a blood transfusion.’
    • ‘The source of infection was blood transfusion in 23 patients and intravenous drug use in two.’
    • ‘It demonstrates that the use of blood transfusion in palliative care requires further discussion.’
    • ‘There is cause for concern any time a patient receives a blood transfusion.’
    • ‘In traditional surgery using scalpels, bleeding can be so profuse that patients need a blood transfusion.’
    • ‘In severe cases of B12-deficiency anaemia, a blood transfusion may be required.’
    • ‘Doctors have ruled out surgery or a blood transfusion as a cause.’
    • ‘Other risk factors include a history of blood transfusion in Britain before 1991 and a history of a blood transfusion while abroad.’
    • ‘The patient who was pregnant had been involved in a car accident and during hospital treatment required a blood transfusion.’


blood transfusion

/bləd træn(t)sˈfjuʒən//bləd tran(t)sˈfyo͞oZHən/