Definition of blood poisoning in US English:

blood poisoning


  • The presence of microorganisms or their toxins in the blood, causing disease; septicemia.

    • ‘The last resort would be to open you up again and tie off the cystic artery, which will kill the gallbladder but put you at risk for death from blood poisoning.’
    • ‘Both adults and children may have a rash that starts as red or purple spots anywhere on the body, and is a symptom of septicaemia, or blood poisoning.’
    • ‘Victims developed strains of pneumonia, blood poisoning and dozens of other infections rarely identified outside hospitals as recently as five years ago.’
    • ‘She also contracted the even more lethal associated form of the disease, septicaemia, which causes blood poisoning throughout the body and led to the amputation of her limbs.’
    • ‘Meningitis is caused when the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord become infected and inflamed, which can be a consequence of blood poisoning.’
    • ‘There are other major forms of meningitis and septicemia - the blood poisoning form of the disease - which are still not vaccine preventable.’
    • ‘The Americans called it bacteremia, the British septicemia, and you call it blood poisoning.’
    • ‘The following measures will reduce the risk of blood poisoning.’
    • ‘In the early stages it looks similar to blood poisoning or septicaemia and suspected cases should go to hospital.’
    • ‘It can cause fevers, blood poisoning and pneumonia if left untreated.’
    • ‘This can spread to the sinuses or jawbone, and eventually cause blood poisoning.’
    • ‘The bacterium often enters the body through surgical wounds, and can result in blood poisoning or pneumonia.’
    • ‘Internal bleeding, blood poisoning or even meningitis are preceded by symptoms such as mild fever, fatigue and coughing.’
    • ‘These patients may then develop illnesses such as wound and skin infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia or blood poisoning.’
    • ‘It can cause neurological problems such as hearing loss, language disorders and mental retardation; or blood poisoning, lung infection or permanent damage to the joints.’
    • ‘The bacterium can cause skin inflammation and blood poisoning.’
    • ‘It said on the certificate that he'd had pneumonia but had died from septicaemia, which is blood poisoning.’
    • ‘My father-in-law developed pneumonia and then blood poisoning with a gut organism, Pseudomonas.’
    • ‘Despite his family being told not to worry about his condition, he died hours later of septicaemia - blood poisoning.’
    • ‘The infection can kill by triggering blood poisoning.’


blood poisoning

/bləd ˈpɔɪznɪŋ//bləd ˈpoizniNG/