Definition of blood doping in US English:

blood doping

(also blood boosting)


  • The injection of oxygenated blood into an athlete before an event in an attempt to enhance athletic performance.

    • ‘According to the scientists, Australia has now thrown away the opportunity to be the global centre of blood doping research, with the backing of the international pharmaceutical industry.’
    • ‘Throughout my career I always dealt with the knowledge that there was blood doping going on.’
    • ‘Using oxygen in high-altitude mountaineering is like blood doping in cycling.’
    • ‘When he was accused of blood doping, he said he took reindeer milk.’
    • ‘A section on ‘prohibited techniques’ covers such items as blood doping and physical manipulation to alter test results.’
    • ‘Michael then described the methods of illegal performance enhancement: drugs and blood doping.’
    • ‘If you look at the example I gave about blood doping, that promotes similar kinds of concerns.’


blood doping

/ˈbləd ˌdōpiNG/