Definition of blood count in US English:

blood count


  • 1A determination of the number of corpuscles in a specific volume of blood.

    • ‘The nurse gave the patient written orders to obtain a preoperative complete blood count and pregnancy test.’
    • ‘Preoperative tests include complete blood count, urinalysis, and preparation for autologous donation if needed.’
    • ‘Routine blood work includes a complete blood count and electrolyte panel.’
    • ‘A complete blood count and urinalysis were normal.’
    • ‘The patients selected for the study had a normal physical examination, electrocardiogram and blood count.’
    • ‘Because of the side effects of these medications, the complete blood count should be evaluated at the initiation of therapy and monthly thereafter.’
    1. 1.1 The number of corpuscles found by taking a blood count.
      ‘a low blood count’
      • ‘My doctor told me that I had a low blood count, which might help to explain why I have been feeling so tired lately.’
      • ‘If your blood counts are low, your treatments may be delayed while your body builds more cells.’
      • ‘If your blood counts are low, you might feel tired, making it difficult to concentrate.’
      • ‘The doctors said his blood counts are all too low.’
      • ‘Your blood count is extremely low so we're giving you some more.’
      • ‘If your blood counts are very low, if you're very ill or if you have other serious health conditions, you may need to be admitted to the hospital for intravenous antibiotics.’
      • ‘They knew her blood count was very low and we were worried as this is very dangerous if you are pregnant.’
      • ‘Dad had to stop in hospital over night as his blood count was so low the doctors wondered how he was still vertical.’
      • ‘Life has fallen into a languid pattern, my voice unreliable and my blood count chronically low and I tend to spend a lot of time asleep.’
      • ‘Initially, George's speech and learning delay were considered the priority because despite his low blood count his health was quite good.’


blood count

/ˈbləd ˌkaʊnt//ˈbləd ˌkount/