Definition of blood alcohol in US English:

blood alcohol


  • The concentration of alcohol detected in a blood sample.

    ‘his blood alcohol was recorded at 0.14, well above the legal limit of 0.08’
    as modifier ‘blood-alcohol level’
    • ‘Presumably the blood alcohol level would raise a question of degree.’
    • ‘At the time of the accident, [the applicant] had blood alcohol content greater than zero, in breach of the conditions on his licence provided for under the Highway Traffic Act.’
    • ‘The officer said it was fairer to the accused to obtain a deep lung sample, which is more accurate for blood alcohol ratio.’
    • ‘His blood alcohol concentration was above zero.’
    • ‘His blood alcohol level was double the legal limit at the time of the crash.’
    • ‘She took two pills while at the party which would account for the barbiturates which were shown in her blood alcohol test.’
    • ‘If you look at the blood alcohol content, she must have been drunk at the time.’
    • ‘Her blood alcohol was analysed.’
    • ‘A drinker's blood alcohol content can push the legal limit before he shows any signs of obvious intoxication.’
    • ‘The novice driver's blood alcohol concentration must be zero at all times while he or she is operating the motor vehicle.’
    • ‘He said that if he had known her blood alcohol level, he might have examined her more closely.’