Definition of blogosphere in English:



  • Personal websites and blogs collectively.

    • ‘The blogosphere is a vast place, and there's room for all of us in its endless ecosystem.’
    • ‘I was just checking my referrals and it turns out I've been ranked in at 216th, of the blogospheres most visited weblogs.’
    • ‘This is a labor of love for the left blogosphere and we should give some of that love back.’
    • ‘The blogosphere, the community of blogs and bloggers, needs me to visit them.’
    • ‘My post was a joke, a little poke of fun at myself and the rest of the left blogosphere.’
    • ‘In a blogosphere that has grown largely on the written word, podcasts add a soundtrack.’
    • ‘The political blogosphere already has a bad habit of chasing the scandal du jour.’
    • ‘The blogosphere also is no longer the preserve of a small number of mostly intelligent people that it was three or four years ago.’
    • ‘The liberal blogosphere is setting the goal of raising a million dollars for the relief effort.’
    • ‘The blogosphere is about the most partisan and least independent voice this side of talk radio.’
    • ‘In any case, his wisdom will be sorely missed here in the basketball blogosphere.’
    • ‘The blogospheres of the future require more power.’
    • ‘It is here, they both say, that the competing blogospheres, right and left, are most elegantly crystallized.’
    • ‘The blogosphere has been all abuzz about this issue for the last several days.’
    • ‘The medical blogosphere has matured in the past year, with some very good sites.’
    • ‘Of course, there will still be tens of thousands of pure amateurs out there in blogosphere.’
    • ‘The blogosphere has been around for a long time, just under the radar of most folks.’
    • ‘It's been a while since I have seen this kind of rant in the business blogosphere.’
    • ‘Our dinner time conversations have become our verbal tour of that day's blogosphere.’
    • ‘The blogosphere has a prime opportunity to champion a cause that the media has ignored.’