Definition of bloggy in English:



  • Characteristic of a blog or blogs.

    ‘a lot of the journalism is quite bloggy, with opinions rather than facts’
    • ‘There are certainly a lot of hints, allegations and murmurs out there tonight, particularly on the bloggier part of the web, about what might be coming down the pike.’
    • ‘If a novel with a pink popsicle on the cover sounds to you like literature veering into the tedious, high-pitched and bloggy, fear not.’
    • ‘Zuckerman also offers a list of the "least bloggy" newspapers.’
    • ‘It points to a crude, but still interesting, method for rating how "bloggy" a newspaper is.’
    • ‘My point is that while nobody can or should expect every bloggy chat about pets or babies or knitting or plants or music or haircuts to also explore the innermost recesses of the human soul, no-one should automatically assume those subjects can't take us there, either.’
    • ‘I very much agree that the site needs to be bloggier.’
    • ‘In other ways, though, it's an honest attempt to imitate a bloggy style.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the five contributors seem to be pointed in the right direction and are doing their thing in readable, bloggy style.’
    • ‘It's interesting how this local paper have actually gone with a very "bloggy" angle.’
    • ‘So I will hole up in my office today and do some writing of an academic, not bloggy, kind and grade a segment of exams.’
    • ‘Here's a curious little bloggy question for you: do you know of anyone who actively prefers diet cola to regular cola?’
    • ‘I thought it would be interesting to discover what are the bloggiest Australian newspapers.’