Definition of block something in in US English:

block something in

phrasal verb

  • 1Mark something out roughly.

    • ‘I've learned it's best to roughly block everything in first so you can see where everything is going as a whole.’
    • ‘I start off by blocking in large shapes, value, and color.’
    outline, trace, draw the lines of, draw, sketch, block in, mark, mark off, mark out, delimit, mark the boundaries of, mark the limits of
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    1. 1.1 Add something in a unit.
      ‘it's a good idea to block in regular periods of exercise’
      • ‘Within your schedule, don’t forget to block in time for meals and rest.’
      • ‘She now starts every week by blocking in time for. these priorities first, no matter how busy she feels.’
      • ‘It is strongly recommended that trainees be prepared to block in a 24-week period and make the training a top priority in order to receive maximum benefit from the training.’
    2. 1.2 Paint something with solid areas of color.
      • ‘It starts with a ‘poster study’ of blocked-in areas of color’
      • ‘I blocked in my background colour with a nice aqua green.’
      • ‘When you look at her pastels there seems to be a painterly quality almost completely lacking from her earlier paintings which are either coloured sketches or blocked in areas of flat colour.’
      darken, colour in, pencil in, block in, fill in
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  • 2Park one's car in such a way as to prevent another car from moving away.

    ‘he blocked in Vera's minivan’
    • ‘They stopped a vehicle in the 20600-block of 48th Street, blocking it in.’
    • ‘Once the singer had parked her car in a garage the show's team leapt into action blocking her car in with one of their own.’
    • ‘However, as there is such pressure on parking here, many use our car park without permission with the consequence that funerals and weddings can be blocked in.’
    • ‘If you are parking your caravan up for the winter, block it in with other vehicles or park it in such a way that thieves will not be able to tow it away easily.’
    • ‘Their vehicle was rammed by one of the jeeps, despite the fact it was blocked in by another media vehicle and unable to move.’
    • ‘They are a remarkably cheery bunch, even when their wagons are blocked in back lanes by stupidly parked cars, causing them to reverse for 50 yards or more with barely an inch on either side.’
    • ‘I would ask drivers how they would feel if they were prevented from going to work, doing their shopping or visiting friends by cars parked across their drive or blocking their car in the street.’
    • ‘Hence they have no hesitation in parking across another car thereby blocking it in, because ‘They will just be a minute.’’
    • ‘Eastwood Park has an entrance at the end of Park Avenue and cars have been parking along the small road, obstructing access and blocking residents in.’
    • ‘When they blocked the car in, they discovered that there was indeed a driver, but he couldn't see very well over the dashboard, as he was only 8 years old.’