Definition of block diagram in US English:

block diagram


  • A diagram showing in schematic form the general arrangement of the parts or components of a complex system or process, such as an industrial apparatus or an electronic circuit.

    • ‘Figure 18 shows task priority in a control system block diagram.’
    • ‘His presentations using block diagrams and drawings were profound influences that are with us still.’
    • ‘After all, when you want a computer to do something for you, you punch it in through the keyboard, rather than re-designing the microprocessor from a block diagram.’
    • ‘Figure 3 presents the block diagram of the MAP processor.’
    • ‘We could include some schematics and block diagrams and lots of beauty shots of the cell phones and PDAs and other products we enable but don't make.’


block diagram

/bläk ˈdīəˌɡram//blɑk ˈdaɪəˌɡræm/