Definition of blister rust in US English:

blister rust


  • Any of several destructive diseases of pine trees caused by fungi of the genus Conartium, resulting in orange blisters on the bark and tips of branches.

    • ‘Its effects combined with the onslaught of blister rust have meant an ecological double whammy for biodiversity, and the natural recruitment has been predominately lodgepole pine.’
    • ‘The culprit, it turned out, was an alien fungus known as blister rust.’
    • ‘Some currants are host to the White pine blister rust, and should not be planted near white pines.’
    • ‘Also, removing lower branches on white pines can prevent blister rust.’
    • ‘An invasive disease called blister rust has decimated whitebark pines in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and may well cause the trees to disappear altogether.’