Definition of blister pack in US English:

blister pack


  • A type of packaging in which a product is sealed in plastic, often with a cardboard backing.

    • ‘Future internet based trials could assess this aspect more robustly through the use of returned blister packs or other technologies.’
    • ‘The product is offered to contractors in one 10-bit blister pack or a six cartridge 60-pack carton.’
    • ‘However, there was no sign of a break-in and suspicious circumstances were later ruled out after scenes of crime officers discovered empty blister packs of tablets in a bin.’
    • ‘Being a gadget freak, I'm in a continual state of battle with the dreaded plastic blister pack.’
    • ‘Astor took out his blister pack of ‘control pills’.’
    • ‘The drugs come in what appear to be manufacturers' blister packs.’
    • ‘At the same time nearly all preparations became available only in blister packs.’
    • ‘A blister pack of green pills dropped on to Minerva's desk last week.’
    • ‘Overdose behaviour changed after the introduction of smaller blister packs of paracetamol.’
    • ‘A 20-sheet blister pack gives you 220 fluorescent red targets in three different sizes.’
    • ‘The use of PVC blister packs has declined in favor of single-content paperboard.’
    • ‘Inside the box are the parts needed for installation, a blister pack of thermal paste, installation instructions, and the heatsink itself.’
    • ‘The pill comes in blister packs, usually containing 21 pills.’
    • ‘For individually wrapped tablets in blister packs or foil, then a cool dark cupboard is fine, but for capsules, it is even more important to keep them cool.’
    • ‘The inside features a short themed poem with the bar contained in a clear plastic blister pack.’
    • ‘WHO and Unicef propose to distribute blister packs of 10 dispersible tablets of 20 mg zinc for daily consumption as the part of the treatment of diarrhoea.’
    • ‘Now, the recall was triggered by concerns that blister packs contain two pills.’
    • ‘The packaging is the fairly standard, and expected blister pack, which provides adequate protection for the modules in transit.’
    • ‘It sits in my room, as accurate and humble as the day I wrenched it out of its blister pack.’


blister pack

/ˈblistər pak//ˈblɪstər pæk/