Definition of blister agent in US English:

blister agent


  • A chemical weapon that burns and blisters the skin or other tissues.

    • ‘The drones would be fitted with a newly-developed ultra-lightweight sensor system that can detect nerve gas and blister agents.’
    • ‘He's looking at the possibility there that they have found nerve agents and an unknown blister agent in about a dozen 55-gallon drums.’
    • ‘This blister agent is a liquid at room temperature, but it can also be dispersed as an aerosol.’
    • ‘Their stockpile of chemical weapons is believed to include nerve and blister agents.’
    • ‘Mustard gas is one of the blister agents that burn skin and poison cells.’
    • ‘Mustard gas, one of the best known of the blister agents, can remain toxic in the soil for decades.’