Definition of blini in US English:


(also bliny, blinis)

plural noun

  • Pancakes made from buckwheat flour and served with sour cream.

    • ‘A blini batter is usually made with buckwheat flour and yeast, but here's a lighter version using all wheat flour with an added crunch of sweetcorn.’
    • ‘Serve caviar on warm blini with optional creme fraiche.’
    • ‘Good wine in the restaurant plus dishes like blinis and seared kangaroo make this a must-see masterpiece.’
    • ‘Starter: blinis with a choice of many toppings including smoked salmon, marinated herring and aubergine caviar £3.99’
    • ‘Order the ‘Black and White Series’ and you'll get Baerii caviar served on blinis or toasts; ‘French Masterpiece’ is duck or goose foie gras served on toast.’
    • ‘It would be a fine accompaniment for that sophisticated Russian nibble, the blinis - a three inch savoury pancake topped with soured cream with chives and shredded smoked salmon.’
    • ‘Sprinkled with lemon juice, served with oven-warmed blinis and crème fraîche, this was a delicious first course.’
    • ‘The book is arranged in a helpful way, too, including chapters on breakfast and brunch, bellinis and blinis (party food), dinner for two and cooking for a crowd.’
    • ‘This dish makes a beautiful entrée when served as a topping for blinis.’
    • ‘Our only ho-hum selection was the blini with jam, which was nearly indistinguishable from its Bulgarian counterpart - the rolled pancakes called polachinki.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the blini was buried under a huge, bland, flavourless (save for the small sliver of horseradish here and there), sickly mound of mayonnaise that added nothing to the plate.’
    • ‘He recommends the caviar of the rare albino sturgeon, served preferably on a warm blini with cr fraiche.’
    • ‘First came a platter heaping with fresh blini, dripping with butter.’
    • ‘The brunch menu features a version on either muffins or blinis, with spinach, ham, poached egg and hollandaise sauce.’
    • ‘Nobody has vodka and blinis any more, they have champagne and caviar instead.’
    • ‘It's my chance to chat about Russia and the Ukraine and have vodka and blini during blini week.’
    • ‘Locals and tourists alike find it hard to resist the allure of low-priced smoked fish, blinis, and beer served in a friendly, and, to be frank, kitschy atmosphere.’
    • ‘Dressed in their peasant outfits, we were supplied with Russian tea, blini and vodka.’
    • ‘The blini of ground beef wrapped in a thin crêpe disappeared before I could get a taste of it, so I guess that means it must have been good, right?’
    • ‘Set aside until you have 12 blinis, then divide between 4 plates and serve with lashings of sour cream or butter, and the smoked salmon or caviar of your choice.’


Russian (plural).