Definition of blindly in English:



  • 1As if blind; without seeing or noticing.

    ‘I continued to stare blindly into my coffee’
    • ‘During the procedure, a light on a scope failed leaving Dr Schofield to continue it "blindly".’
    • ‘There are five revealed cards to choose from or one could just blindly draw from the deck.’
    • ‘Upon entering your home, stumble around blindly for an hour or so before you find your bed.’
    • ‘I couldn't see where I was going most of the time and people used to yell at me as I stumbled randomly, blindly down the street.’
    • ‘But will I ever again be able to shove my feet blindly into my slippers in the middle of the night without worrying?’
    • ‘After we all put our words in a hat, everyone blindly picked a word out.’
    • ‘Reaching out blindly to where she should've been, Dante whispered her tarnished name.’
    • ‘Up there where the air is rarified, a driver finds a degree of calm unknown to those in lower cars who are obliged to stare blindly into his exhaust pipe.’
    • ‘He regularly determines whether people are paying attention by closing his eyes and blindly walking into traffic.’
    • ‘Blindly, I groped for my alarm clock to hit the 'sleep' button.’
    • ‘Searching for something to pry it off, she reached around blindly, but found nothing.’
    • ‘The light in the hallways isn't working so we walk into the house blindly, up the stairs and into the first bedroom.’
    • ‘Guy closed his eyes again and looked for the phone blindly.’
    • ‘I flipped somersaults and bumped blindly into various other bodies and boards as I traveled toward shore underwater.’
    • ‘She reaches out blindly, blindly, and (with luck) catches hold of a passing balcony.’
    • ‘He stared at him blindly, his eyes almost vacant.’
    • ‘I grumbled as I blindly made my way towards the non existent light switch.’
    • ‘I suggested that maybe blindly feeling your way around a pool was similar to exploring unknown places like Marco Polo did.’
    • ‘Nothing like sopping wet drunks stumbling around blindly in the light from dying embers.’
    • ‘And you may find it difficult to master the art of blindly dialing a number, even if you routinely do so on another cell phone.’
    sightlessly, without sight, without vision, unseeingly
    impetuously, impulsively, rashly, hastily, recklessly, heedlessly, uncontrolledly, uncontrollably, uninhibitedly, unrestrainedly, wildly, irrationally, frantically, violently, furiously
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    1. 1.1 Without reasoning or questioning.
      ‘solutions must be assessed, not blindly accepted’
      • ‘When we study the Buddhist dharma, we are not supposed to blindly accept what we are told.’
      • ‘As long as we blindly stare at each other through eyes of fear, we do not have to ask awkward questions of ourselves and our leaders.’
      • ‘That is not to say that the Court should blindly accept without comment the bills of the Inspector.’
      • ‘Intelligence is not a matter of accepting blindly what a third country tells you.’
      • ‘In terms of the larger historical and social questions, they proceed blindly.’
      • ‘The angry person does not cease to reason - he doesn't act blindly - but his reasoning is in the service of anger.’
      • ‘I screech but it's too late: Kiko blindly leaps round the corner, heedless of the danger.’
      • ‘Obtain good advice and have neither a predetermined idea of what is best nor blindly accept the direction in which you are taken.’
      • ‘Yet the Government continues to blindly funnel money into the black hole of prohibition.’
      • ‘We would like to believe in this blindly, without analyzing the reasons further.’
      • ‘It is no badge of courage to blindly accept the actions taken in our name by our government.’
      • ‘Remember, as the director of your camp, the last thing you want to do is blindly assume risk.’
      • ‘Still, it is apparent that the old way of settling disputes is no longer blindly accepted by the unions.’
      • ‘They shouldn't be blindly accepted just because they are the law.’
      • ‘They could, if that happened, continue to blindly follow the policy no matter what.’
      • ‘So how can we blindly accept that they have reached the right conclusion?’
      • ‘There is no way I'd blindly trust anyone in this environment to fight this battle for me.’
      • ‘I blindly sent my manuscript away to only one publisher, and waited a year to hear back.’
      • ‘If we did that, the fools would blindly continue along the path they've been following.’
      • ‘One can love one's country without blindly accepting the decisions of its leaders.’
      uncritically, unthinkingly, mindlessly, injudiciously, indiscriminately
      impetuously, impulsively, rashly, hastily, recklessly, heedlessly, uncontrolledly, uncontrollably, uninhibitedly, unrestrainedly, wildly, irrationally, frantically, violently, furiously
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