Definition of blind stitch in US English:

blind stitch


  • A sewing stitch producing stitches visible on one side only.

    • ‘The blind stitch, often referred to simply as ‘hand sewing,’ is one of the most useful techniques for keeping that old interior intact on a budget.’
    • ‘In the case of hems, a basting stitch may be used to secure an even hem while the sewer hems the garment with a blind stitch, so that the stitches cannot be seen when the garment is being worn.’
    • ‘All wetsuits that have blind stitch are made in a similar way.’
    • ‘I then attached the fringe to the edges of the garment from the inside with steam-a-seam, then I used the blind stitch on the sewing machine and attached from the inside of the garment.’
    • ‘Now you'll turn all that binding to the back of the quilt, and hand stitch it down over the machine stitching line, using thread to match the binding, and a very tidy blind stitch.’


[with object]
  • Sew (something) using a blind stitch.

    • ‘Rethread the needle and, beginning at a bottom corner, blind stitch up the corner miter to the fabric upper edge.’
    • ‘All hoods are glued and blind-stitched, have top vents, and feature taped seams on the 3mm face seal, which allows for trimming to a custom fit.’
    • ‘Anyone who can blind stitch a binding can do competent hand appliqué, and even those who machine stitch their bindings and wouldn't dream of blind stitching can do it, too.’
    • ‘She blind-stitched the last bit, and stretched out the shape of the toy on the table.’
    • ‘A blind-stitched seam looks similar to a flat-lock stitched seam although it would usually appear to be narrower in width.’