Definition of blind stamping in English:

blind stamping

(also blind tooling)


  • The impressing of text or a design on a book cover without the use of color or gold leaf.

    • ‘The twelfth century saw an outpouring of creative blind tooling on leather book covers, and a number of these Romanesque bindings survive today, mostly in European libraries.’
    • ‘On special request blind tooling can be applied to conceal the cutting line.’
    • ‘Laser engraving, 3-D mirror etching on selected keytags, de-boss blind stamping of selected leatherette products and silk screen imprinting are available.’
    • ‘Since this single example has blind stamping, we also expect that, except for volumes 20-23, the front and back covers of the missing volumes will be bordered with a single rule blind stamp.’
    • ‘It also decorates easily with foil stamping, screen printing or blind stamping.’
    • ‘Weighing 380 lb / 1,000 linear yd, the fabric has a degree of resistance to scuffing, abrasion and ultraviolet light and easily accepts foil hot stamping and blind stamping.’
    • ‘Customers can order skins antiqued, gilt or blind tooling, colour matching, distressing and ageing, with a natural finish, waxed or polished.’
    • ‘Gold tooling and blind tooling decorates spine and front and back cover.’
    • ‘Printed on Japanese vellum and bound in full crushed levant morocco with exquisite blind tooling by the Guild of Women Binders, it was ‘out of print and rare’ the moment it was issued.’
    • ‘I wallowed in bindings and leathers and fonts, in all the lovely jargon of the trade, half-titles, colophons, blind stamping, foxing, black letter, washed leaves, cancels…’
    • ‘In discussion with the client, he elected to have a new cover of full calf with blind tooling similar to the tooling on the original cover.’
    • ‘It is bound in red Morocco leather decorated with blind tooling, hand headbands and top edge painted with red acrylic paint.’
    • ‘The cover is full brown, square-patterned cloth with blind stamping and gold stamping over the entire front and back boards.’
    • ‘It is designed for foil and blind stamping, and is suitable for screen and simple line offset printing.’
    • ‘Bootprints were added across the front cover, spine, and back cover using a custom made metal die, hot foil stamping, and a blind stamping technique.’
    • ‘Brass stamps are usually used for blind stamping.’
    • ‘These patterns are usually block embossed in gold, but sometimes blind tooling is more appropriate, appearing black.’
    • ‘They began the practice of blind stamping in the late 1940's and discontinued it in recent years.’
    • ‘Stamping may involve ink, foil, or other coloring material; if it does not, it is called blind stamping.’
    • ‘Like medieval seals, the rolls for blind tooling were cut intaglio so as to impress leather with a pattern in relief standing out from the surface.’