Definition of blind gut in US English:

blind gut


  • The cecum.

    • ‘I beseech you, quoth my uncle Toby, to tell me which is the blind gut; for, old as I am, I vow I do not know to this day where it lies.’
    • ‘They were manufactured from the caecum or blind gut of sheep, which was soaked, turned inside out, macerated in an alkaline solution, scraped, exposed to brimstone vapour, washed, blown up, dried, cut, and given a ribbon tie.’
    • ‘Despite being lophotrochozoans, Platyhelminthes have a blind gut (no anus) and lack coelom and segments.’
    • ‘Did it have a blind gut as the platyhelminthes, or a one-way through gut?’
    • ‘These basal triploblasts were assumed to be acoelomate worms represented by todays platyhelminths, with no segments and coelom and bearing a blind gut (no anus).’