Definition of blessedness in US English:



  • The state of being blessed with divine favor.

    • ‘The Saviour tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive, but how many of us are strangers to that blessedness?’
    • ‘For the next two weeks, unconsciousness was blessedness.’
    • ‘Her earthly journey is now complete and we pray that her soul abide in blessedness, where there is neither pain nor suffering, in a place much more beautiful than can be thought of by the heart of man.’
    • ‘Christ speaks this word of wholeness and well being and blessedness even to Thomas, who doubts.’
    • ‘All seek to offer hope, whether phrased as the vision of God, blessedness, eternal life, the greatest good, perfect happiness, or holiness.’
    • ‘We are drawn by the gifts and glamour of other lifestyles, but this psalm says that the epitome of blessedness is to be found with your family around you.’
    • ‘According to devotees, pilgrimage to the Nizamuddin shrine enables them to partake of the saint's blessedness.’
    • ‘His dream of future India was that along with material prosperity, which would be hers, she would, as the Queen of Nations, extend the hand of peace and blessedness to all peoples of the world.’
    • ‘Thoughts of heaven merely blunted the urge for revolution by its promises of future blessedness.’
    • ‘The Genesis account of the Tree of Life reminds us there is only one way to attain to an eternal life of blessedness - the way God has appointed.’
    • ‘In the unity reached by overcoming this divorce of the finite from the infinite lies religious blessedness, perfect beauty, and moral freedom.’
    • ‘Trust is the wish-fulfilling gem, because this is our wish: to dive into the depths of our life and realize our inherent blessedness or good-heartedness.’
    • ‘But all we know of this world will pale before the newness and blessedness of life in the world to come, where sin and death are destroyed forever.’
    • ‘In short, can you not be content with such reassuring security and guaranty as this, that the established order vouches for your blessedness in the hereafter?’
    • ‘In the Beatitudes, the things that bring blessedness are treasures that last.’
    • ‘At no point in this eternal journey do I expect to dissolve into god or attain static blessedness.’
    • ‘At sunrise when the red sky is reflected in calm water and the line of the horizon disappears, I have a still, calm sense of blessedness.’
    • ‘It followed that murderers were banned from temples and other public spaces and could not be initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries, which meant that they were excluded from blessedness in the hereafter.’
    • ‘Since our human nature is fallen, and since eternal blessedness is a gift far beyond the powers and merits of every created nature, it is to be expected that most human beings fall short of achieving that goal.’
    • ‘The reference to washing, blessedness, and entrance via the gates into a holy city in Revelation 22: 14 all indicate purification.’
    sanctity, divinity, godliness, saintliness, sanctitude, sacredness, faith, devotion, devoutness, divineness, spirituality, religiousness, piety, piousness, righteousness, goodness, perfection, virtue, virtuousness, purity, sinlessness
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