Definition of blessedly in US English:



  • See blessed

    • ‘Your routine each day will be blessedly simple: Wake up; stuff yourself with pancakes, eggs, and bacon; ride the park trail of your choice; then go on a hike to burn off the grub.’
    • ‘I love the Shower Cleaner because it's so blessedly hands-off - you don't have to scrub, just spritz and rinse.’
    • ‘He has a sense of humour (almost unique among today's politicians), is highly intelligent and blessedly was quite free of that terrible aura of ego that surrounds all ranking politicians.’
    • ‘I haven't had this particular childhood-conjuring treat in years, living as I have been in the blessedly canned-noodle-and-tomato-sauce-free wastelands of Asia.’
    • ‘Madness is an apt metaphor for theatre, not just because its most famous character keeps everyone obsessing with whether or not he's really nuts; in a sense, anyone who chooses a career in theatre is blessedly mad.’