Definition of bleomycin in US English:



  • An antibiotic used to treat Hodgkin's disease and other cancers.

    The drug is obtained from the bacterium Streptomyces verticillus

    • ‘In another trial, two of 24 participants receiving bleomycin withdrew either because of the pain of the injections or because of pain after the injections.’
    • ‘It has been reported that administration of a high dose of bleomycin often leads to lung injury and pulmonary fibrosis in bleomycin-treated patients.’
    • ‘Several drugs are associated with reactive oxygen species generation and lung injury with the most widely investigated of them being bleomycin.’
    • ‘Chemotherapy may be useful at a designated wart clinic, where several patients can be treated from the same vial of bleomycin in a single day.’
    • ‘All except 2 patients developed a fever after instillation of bleomycin.’


1960s: an arbitrary alteration of earlier phleomycin, the name of a related antibiotic.