Definition of bleeping in US English:



  • 1(of an electronic device) making a short high-pitched sound or sounds.

    ‘a bleeping red display on the exercise machine’
    • ‘Never mind the uncertainty which in the meanwhile some rural communities will have to endure - the ones whose village banks have been closed in the name of ledger book logic and replaced by bleeping slots whose use will soon be at a premium.’
    • ‘A truly great techno-thriller has yet to emerge, which is odd because technology, with its bleeping gadgets and fast-paced information overload, provides a dazzling backdrop for a clever film.’
    • ‘On the screen was a rotating globe with a red bleeping target at Australia, too large to tell its exact position.’
    • ‘That ‘radar screen,’ however, includes one bleeping red dot: Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.’
    • ‘Perhaps that machine reminded him of her, and he was in no sort of mood to tolerate this bleeping atrocity, and silenced the thing with a blast of an unnecessarily powerful machine gun.’
    • ‘A York inventor is convinced he is set to make a fortune after designing a bleeping smart card which can be mass produced for NHS patients, to remind them about appointments.’
    • ‘Bell lets four chords drift on for six minutes like aural dry ice, dreamy and fuzzy and ephemeral while a lovely bleeping melody twinkles away in the heavens.’
    • ‘The noise I thought could have been nightingales turned out to be the song of a bleeping pedestrian crossing.’
    • ‘Patrick Vaughn opened his eyes blearily as his sleep was interrupted by a long, insistent bleeping noise.’
    • ‘Every recognisable element of their debut has been stripped away: the breakbeats, scratches and funk samples are replaced by softly bleeping electronics, spectral guitar figures and clattering drum machines.’
    • ‘It's the bizarre paradox of Hanoi that between the crowds, the scooters, the bleeping horns and the street vendors, this city is one of the most tranquil I have ever been to.’
    • ‘In addition to the many readings in various languages, there are samples from what sound like old foreign language instructional tapes placed over bleeping test tones and noisy synth patterns.’
    • ‘Lewis-Francis was not the only athlete with cause to curse the bleeping starter that was used at Kelvin Hall rather than the traditional pistol.’
    • ‘A decade ago, bleeping watches and rustled wrappers might be viewed indulgently as an echo of the surface hiss and clicks of our favourite vinyl albums.’
    • ‘After years of perpetual traffic noise and bleeping toys, I strongly suspected we had been beamed on to another planet.’
    • ‘Will there be wires and knobs and plugs and bleeping instruments?’
    • ‘Mr Savage, who nicknamed his daughter Puddleduck, is still haunted by the rhythmic bleeping noise of the life support machine which kept Gemma's body alive.’
    • ‘One factor noted was the attitude of security guards to the bomber, who are said to have believed her charade of being injured, and to have allowed her to pass through the bleeping metal detector without examination.’
    • ‘Suddenly he heard a bleeping noise coming from his person.’
    • ‘A tiny bleeping alarm went off from station one.’
    1. 1.1humorous, informal Used to express exasperation or annoyance, in place of an expletive.
      ‘we didn't do a bleeping thing, and we're still getting hung’
      • ‘On a Canadian television programme Irving said: ‘Wolfe's problem is, he can't bleeping write!’’
      • ‘He says, ‘Wait a minute, you have your whole bleeping family here.’’
      • ‘That's usually all you hear, the endless bleeping of the bleeping bar code scanner.’
      • ‘I didn't get anywhere, alas, but at least he didn't say: ‘I'll break your bleeping camera!’’
      • ‘I don't love the way he leaves all the cupboard doors open after merely walking through the bleeping kitchen.’
      • ‘You mentioned earlier that it was a bleeping struggle finding the cool element of the character?’
      • ‘My latest word is that the bleeping asbestos bill will indeed, quite likely, take up the whole committee meeting today.’
      • ‘I honestly can't say I have taken the bus one day without having to overhear how so and so is a bleeping bleep bleep.’
      • ‘And Old Tom was heard to moan: ‘The place is a bleeping restaurant, not a pub anymore.’’
      • ‘Kieran had seen him actually bleeping stick up for some pimply faced girl everyone kept picking on.’
      • ‘I think when I come back from my little trip this morning I shall begin with the age-old, supremely bleeping aggravating subject of TV adverts.’


1950s: euphemistically for bleeding, by association with the “bleeps” used to dub expletives in broadcast texts.