Definition of bleeper in US English:



  • another term for pager
    • ‘Great Ormond Street has given Mr Walker and Reece's mum Donna Walker a bleeper each so doctors can contact them at any time of day or night if organs become available.’
    • ‘It is important to frisk your beloved for alternative mobiles, bleepers and other James Bond-style communication devices before saddling up and riding off into the sunset.’
    • ‘‘I'm sure the retained men are not valued as highly but they work 12 hours and then are on call - if those bleepers go then they have to race to the station, perhaps to save someone's life,’ he said.’
    • ‘And, in November 1998, he allegedly failed to respond to his on-call bleeper because he was watching a Manchester United match at Old Trafford.’
    • ‘Then, at four in the morning, his bleeper went off.’
    • ‘So this may have implications in the design of driver environment in cab spaces so we're now working to see whether we can use various ecological valid devices like pagers or bleepers in people with severe deficits of this kind.’
    • ‘You're no further away from your work than your bleeper.’
    • ‘The bleeper is her life - I have to carry it around all the time.’
    • ‘Such firefighters are based at home and alerted to call-outs via bleepers.’
    • ‘Pam, who now works for Dr Sheldrake as a research assistant, also came home at different times of the day and carried a bleeper which was triggered by the doctor when he wanted Pam to go home.’
    • ‘We'd love to believe it, but anyone that closely interested in markets will already be kitted up with bleepers, pagers and the like which offer much stock quotes in real time.’
    • ‘‘You're tied to the bleeper so the whole family is tied to the job and it becomes a way of life,’ he says.’
    • ‘For six years she has been waiting for her bleeper to go off to summon her for a transplant - and the long wait is taking its toll.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The bleeper went off in the middle of the night and I jumped out of bed.’’
    • ‘In general, don't take bleepers with you and don't answer telephone calls.’
    • ‘Restraint training was also given to a highly specialised team of staff, on hand via an emergency bleeper, who respond to extreme cases of aggression where someone needs to be restrained.’
    • ‘We were the first to get alarm bells in our houses, to carry defibrillators and we got our bleepers before the retained firemen.’
    • ‘The hearing was told that Jake was taken for his scan at about 4pm on the Friday but Dr Semple did not hear anything more until his bleeper went off around 50 minutes later.’
    • ‘And future plans include doctors carrying mobile phones, which will replace the traditional bleepers, and working with the York and Selby Primary Care Trust to link the telephones to other community health services to cut call costs.’
    • ‘Kirkby Stephen currently has 13 fire-fighters on its books, all of whom are equipped with bleepers to call them to the station are anytime - all year round.’