Definition of bleeder in US English:



  • 1informal A person who bleeds easily, especially a hemophiliac.

    • ‘He was always what they call ‘a bleeder,’ a puncher who leads with his face and usually gets cut to ribbons by the time the first couple of rounds are over.’
    • ‘I was just going to compliment her when she exclaimed, dabbing the pin-prick with a pad of astringent, ‘Oh, you're a bleeder!’’
    • ‘Anyway, we call these things that we fill our pockets with bleeder kits - we're all trying to be like Batman with his cool belt, seeing how many cool medical doodads we can place on our person.’
    • ‘He was a bleeder who suffered frequent joint haemorrhages.’
    • ‘Also, I would advise a towel or similar at night if you are a very heavy bleeder, or setting your alarm the way one used to you at 12 or 13 when you were still getting used to the whole process.’
    • ‘GI bleeders will feel faint, have weakness, may have shortness of breath, will sweat, and can have confusion or seizures.’
    • ‘One who suffers from the terrible tendency to bleed on slight contact, which is denoted by the term ‘a bleeder,’ cannot complain if he mixes with the crowd and suffers severely, perhaps fatally, from being merely brushed against.’
    • ‘I'm a bleeder, someone just has to speak to me sharply and I'm gushing pints, so no blood means hopefully no big deal.’
    • ‘I've seen bleeders, and they're gushing because they got hit right in the vein, and I mean they're almost passing out, and here comes the supply guy again, with the bleach, to clean the blood off the floor, but the chain never stops.’
    • ‘So I took my seat among the masses of cripples, ill, and bleeders.’
    1. 1.1 A blood vessel that bleeds freely during surgery.
      • ‘These electrode tips can be directly applied to the relatively dry surface of a surgical bed that has been momentarily compressed or used indirectly by touching a hemostat or Adson's forceps which is used to grasp the small bleeder.’
      • ‘Any small capillary bleeders that might be slightly oozing are also tamponaded with the pressure.’
      • ‘Kara heard a gushing storm sewer over on her left and thought of an arterial bleeder.’
      • ‘The gross intraoperative image, displayed here with inserts from a conventional and 3D CT angiogram, was obtained after a small bleeder was cauterized.’
      • ‘At this time, one or two bleeders were encountered and they were appropriately sutured.’
      • ‘A bleeder from the temporal vein was ligated, clot and blood were evacuated, and the neck was redrained.’
      • ‘Some Mid-Atlantic jurisdictions can continue to use such adjunct bleeder medications as amicar and tranex.’
      • ‘I keep swallowing again and again now just to check, expecting the bleeder to re-emerge, but I can't feel it at all.’
      • ‘Missed stitches and bleeders are a known risk of surgery, as is death, so no claim against surgeon.’
  • 2Baseball
    A ground ball that barely passes between two infielders.

    • ‘‘Let's try a nice little bleeder to the right,’ he says.’
    • ‘Bobby Abreu worked the count full then hit a bleeder up the middle to bring up Alex Rodriguez.’
    • ‘When used in nonsave situations, Escobar seemed frustrated by bleeps, infield-in bleeders and an inability to put hitters away with two strikes.’
    • ‘As they say, even cripple bleeder singles look like line drives in the next day's box scores.’
    • ‘The shortstop walked and the rightfielder outran an infield bleeder to pack the sacks.’