Definition of bleed like a (stuck) pig in US English:

bleed like a (stuck) pig


  • Bleed copiously.

    • ‘God Jesse… you were bleeding like a stuck pig… Luckily, Damien has the same blood type as you.’
    • ‘I can't cut my boy's hair, I nicked his ear last time and I felt awful, it was the tiniest cut but he bled like a stuck pig.’
    • ‘The tattoo was done in about an hour, even though I bled like a stuck pig.’
    • ‘The arrow had to cut some big arteries because he bled like a stuck pig.’
    • ‘You were unconscious, badly injured, half-dead, and bleeding like a stuck pig.’
    • ‘‘I'm bleeding like a stuck pig,’ I mumbled, walking quickly as fast as I could to the ladies’.’
    • ‘He sighed, wearily, and looked up, to assure the person that he was fine, he bled like a pig every day.’
    • ‘He hit me on the top of the head with the gun and I was bleeding like a pig and lost the sight in my left eye from the blood.’
    • ‘The witnesses were more than impressed by the officer who carried on stoically despite bleeding like a stuck pig.’
    • ‘Her ear is split in two and she is bleeding like a stuck pig…’