Definition of bleakness in US English:



  • 1The quality or state of being bare and inhospitable.

    ‘the bleakness of that destroyed landscape’
    ‘the grim concrete bleakness’
    • ‘What they do capture is the bleakness of the streets.’
    • ‘His first Swiss landscapes focused on the grandeur and bleakness of the mountains.’
    • ‘The bleakness of the camp is well captured by both the cinematographer and the soundtrack composer.’
    • ‘The bleakness of the environment inhabited by the characters is emphasized by the almost complete lack of sunlight in the film.’
    • ‘The cabbie hopes that whoever does come to live there will be prepared for the bleakness of the place outside the summer months.’
    • ‘Hospitals have for many centuries used major artists to counter the clinical bleakness of medical interiors.’
    • ‘Residents of this section of the city recall a time, not long ago, when their streets were canyons of bleakness.’
    • ‘I liked the sort of bleakness in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Their windswept sounds recall the bleakness of the tundra, the vast frozen lakes.’
    • ‘There is no escape from violence in either sphere, no pastoral alternative to the bleakness of the run-down city.’
    1. 1.1 The quality or state of cold and miserable weather.
      ‘the bleakness of winter’
      ‘the evening's rainy bleakness’
      • ‘He tells Helen why he loves the marsh even in the bleakness of midwinter.’
      • ‘With the bleakness of January nearly behind us, we can start looking ahead to the rest of the year.’
      • ‘As the morning bleakness gives way to splatters of rain, stiff-limbed footballers are trudging into the stadium.’
      • ‘Despite the bleakness outside, she's enjoying her downtime.’
      • ‘By echoing the seasonal bleakness of a northern winter, he leaves unspoken but implicit the possibility of cyclic renewal.’
    2. 1.2 The quality or state of being hopeless, discouraging, or unlikely to have a favorable outcome.
      ‘this story is marked by unrelenting bleakness’
      ‘the atrocities and bleakness of war’
      • ‘If you're going to have a show about undertakers, it can't be just bleakness and depression.’
      • ‘Trying not to give in to the bleakness and misery of his surroundings, he is convinced that he is just one fighter away from success.’
      • ‘Their hope, in the very bleakness of their existence, is ultimately shattered, and we realize they are back to square one at best.’
      • ‘She seduces the despondent radical with whispers about the bleakness of mankind.’
      • ‘Sundays were bad enough for their bleakness and oppression, but Sunday was also the day when the battles between my mother and father took place.’
      • ‘It's a downtrodden tale full of woe and misfortune, a portrait of loneliness and bleakness.’
      • ‘His very titles reflect bleakness, guilt, incertitude.’
      • ‘The bleakness of the situation is brought out through the choice of locations and the way in which the scenes are shot.’
      • ‘It pulsates with a humanity that, in spite of its bleakness, is life-affirming and ultimately uplifting.’
      • ‘There's a core of humanity in each story, whether it's the bleakness of a family funeral or a torturous fight with an accidental vampire.’