Definition of blatantly in English:



  • 1In an open and unashamed manner.

    ‘yet another space show that blatantly disregarded scientific fact’
    as submodifier ‘she didn't want to be blatantly rude’
    • ‘The filmmakers' attempts at humor are blatantly sexist.’
    • ‘The stepmother bristles with icy, blatantly false hospitality.’
    • ‘I received a lot of email from readers about his blatantly false and recklessly unresearched claims.’
    • ‘A closeup of a major character's nervous fidgeting serves no purpose other than to blatantly mislead the audience.’
    • ‘There is a janitor in this film who speaks broken English and generally winds up being one of the most blatantly offensive stereotypes ever.’
    • ‘He's known for blatantly ripping off other directors outright rather than with subtle nods.’
    • ‘One of her friends arrives, blatantly flirts with Josh, and leaves as soon as the situation starts to get more interesting.’
    • ‘The blatantly criminal, detestable behavior of the characters has been toned down.’
    • ‘The actors try to add some extra sleaziness to the proceedings by adopting slang expressions and more blatantly cold-hearted attitudes.’
    • ‘How can we expect children to learn and exhibit good grammar when our president has such issues with it and is blatantly unapologetic about it?’
    1. 1.1 In a completely obvious and unsubtle way.
      ‘it's blatantly her first kiss’
      • ‘The man is blatantly nervous, cracking his knuckles.’
      • ‘The images are blatantly nowhere near realistic, and no one in their right mind could think otherwise.’
      • ‘When the ball was eventually recycled, two home defenders were blatantly offside.’
      • ‘As he goes further and further into the future, the film more and more blatantly goes nowhere.’
      • ‘The scene has been shot in a blatantly real location.’
      • ‘The blatantly artificial setting is a soundstage with spare modernist furnishings.’
      • ‘Passwords are often written on post-it notes and hidden under a keyboard or blatantly attached to the monitor.’
      • ‘This semifinal game was so blatantly one-sided that the electronic scoreboard stopped two runs shy of the final score (1-18).’
      • ‘This is blatantly an American film, with an opening gun battle reminiscent of the gunfight at the OK Corral.’
      • ‘Working with acrylic paint and squeegees, he embellished his canvases with blatantly decorative motifs.’