Definition of blastoff in US English:



  • The launching of a rocket or spacecraft.

    as modifier ‘a blastoff thrust of 78,000 lb’
    figurative ‘the policy was now in place for blastoff’
    • ‘The space shuttle is counting down for blast-off, with managers confident that last minute hitches would not delay today's launch.’
    • ‘Still in development, the first game in the series is scheduled for blast-off this fall.’
    • ‘Both teams filmed the blast-off into space using specially-adapted three dimensional cameras.’
    • ‘The spokeswoman added that the crew might have to wait for hours strapped in sitting positions before blast-off.’
    • ‘It's blast-off for a campaign to clear graffiti from the whole of city centre.’
    • ‘The first explorer is slated for blast-off from the Mojave Desert in 2007.’
    • ‘The Navy had been readying for a grapefruit-sized satellite called Vanguard, and this was rushed to Florida for a quick blast-off in December 1957.’
    • ‘I was thrown back in my seat as the force from the ship's quick blast-off threw me backwards.’
    • ‘It's like a countdown to a blast-off of a rocket ship - like there's no way of stopping it.’
    • ‘He had no doubt that he would be unaffected by the forces, but Anna was obviously nervous about the impending blast-off.’
    • ‘The big blast-off was his speech in Nashville on August 26.’
    • ‘The chief engineer declared the mission on target to meet the scheduled blast-off tomorrow from the world's oldest space facility.’
    • ‘The camera played a critical role in the diagnostic equipment that made sure the shuttle's twin booster rockets were safe for blast-off.’
    • ‘Europe's first mission to the Moon looks set for a July blast-off.’
    • ‘With three days to go to blast-off, the troops meet in a popular bar.’
    • ‘The rocket carrying a telecommunications satellite exploded after blast-off from the southwest of the province.’
    • ‘The rocket has been greenlighted for blast-off tomorrow from the spaceport in French Guiana.’
    • ‘The launch of the spacecraft was aborted yesterday just 20 seconds before blast-off.’
    • ‘After that, it's another blast-off into unapologetically muscular techno.’
    • ‘The only genuine parts of the whole televised event were the blast-off and splashdown.’
    launch, launching, lift-off, take-off, ascent, firing, flight
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