Definition of blastodisk in US English:


(also blastodisc)


  • A blastula having the form of a disk of cells on top of the yolk in the eggs of reptiles and birds.

    • ‘Yolk syncytial nuclei originated from the deepest, open cells beneath the blastodisk.’
    • ‘The blastodisks were located, removed aseptically, and stored in cryovials at - 80 C for DNA analysis.’
    • ‘Note the blastula in reptiles is called a blastoderm or blastodisk because the divisions have been concentrated into a thin disk of cells at the animal pole.’
    • ‘At 38 minutes after insemination, the first cleavage was observed and the first cleavage furrow of the blastodisk appeared at 53 minutes.’
    • ‘In amniotes, the embryo develops in a blastodisk atop a large yolk mass.’