Definition of blaster in English:



  • 1A person or thing that emits or uses blasts.

    ‘blasters were paid according to how much rock they broke’
    • ‘This application benefits from the larger power and capacity of modern blasters because it is a volume process.’
    • ‘Even as blasters prepare to excavate the future hospital's site, the facility still exists only on paper.’
    • ‘This will enable thorough cleaning with power tools, high-pressure water blasters, disinfectant, and pesticides.’
    • ‘More-powerful blasters with larger powder-storage tanks have made it viable to process larger areas.’
    • ‘Vandals broke into the factory and damaged a shot blaster, used for cleaning stainless steel.’
    • ‘A blaster can be used to clean tooling employed in the tubing extrusion process.’
    • ‘Three coal miners and one sand blaster had occupational exposure to mineral dusts for months to decades.’
    • ‘The men who staffed it had been experienced blasters in civilian life but were all very new to the navy.’
    • ‘We could call upon the council to hire the high-pressure blaster to clean our streets.’
    • ‘Our gardener spent his working life as the blaster at the old quarry, and as a result is very deaf from a lifetime of explosions.’
    1. 1.1 (in science fiction) a gunlike weapon that can destroy something solid, typically using light or sound energy.
      ‘don't try to stand in the way of laser blasters’
      ‘where was a super sonic death ray blaster gun when you needed one?’
      • ‘You have eight useable guns alongside your trusty blaster.’
      • ‘If it can be cut by a lightsaber, I'd say Vader's gauntlet would normally be damaged by a blaster shot.’
      • ‘His blaster is not used, and the flight missions seem tacked on to the real game, which is definitely disappointing.’
      • ‘They open fire, but I scatter their blaster bolts with my lightsaber.’
      • ‘He blocks Han's blaster fire with his hand.’
      • ‘In the case of the blaster, its single-shot functionality is supplemented by a rapid-fire ability.’
      • ‘These water blasters are vastly more potent than the toy squirt guns of the same name.’
      • ‘He fights with special battle chips, as well as with his traditional blaster.’
      • ‘At 15 years old, I had zero interest in films that didn't have explosions, gunfire, lasers, blasters, strange creatures, or spaceships.’
      • ‘Stormtroopers get knocked down to the ground only to leap to their feet, blaster still in hand.’
    2. 1.2 A move in which a ball is kicked or struck forcefully.
      ‘he let fly with a 35-yard blaster’
      • ‘His blaster came back off the underpart of the crossbar and scrambled to safety.’
      • ‘O'Reilly let fly a blaster from close range, but Scully managed to bring off a spectacular save.’
      • ‘His blaster from in front of the goal had left the custodian with no chance of saving.’
      • ‘Maloney's blaster deflected away to safety off the body of a defender.’
      • ‘Moran redirected an O'Neill blaster that had been destined for the corner of the net.’
      • ‘His blaster took a deflection off the body of the corner-back.’
      • ‘His second save was even more spectacular when he deflected a blaster around the post.’
      • ‘A blaster by McCrudden ricocheted off a defender and out over the endline.’
      • ‘The Dublin goalkeeper pulled off a great save from a Cumiskey blaster in the dying seconds.’
      • ‘Their first attack saw a blaster of a shot from Campbell grease the post on the wrong side and come back off the wall.’
  • 2A type of physical exercise intended to strengthen specific muscle groups.

    ‘the glute blaster’
    ‘squats represent a total blaster for quads’
    • ‘Not only is this a great butt blaster, but it also works the abdominals and spine extensors..’
    • ‘How is the outer thigh blaster performed?’
    • ‘Butt, hip, and thigh blaster: if you want to get a strong, sculpted, and tight lower body, the lunge is the move you need.’
    • ‘More effective ways to accomplish this would be with lunges, the butt blaster, and the hip extension machine.’
    • ‘Kickboxing and hiking are first-rate butt and calorie blasters.’