Definition of blastema in US English:



  • The primary formative material of plants and animals, from which cells are developed.

    • ‘In planarian regeneration, they could be instrumental to transforming the homogeneous blastema and postblastema fields into discrete patterned regions.’
    • ‘The first polypide is formed from a blastema of varying origin, and further zooids in the colony develop through budding.’
    • ‘The presence of limb buds was determined by close examination of the blastema for the evagination of a protruding bud.’
    • ‘This tether prevents the nerve from retracting too far into the stump and keeps it near the center of the developing blastema.’
    • ‘Fibroblast-like cells migrate into the empty segments of the developing blastema to establish cell lines that later become myoblasts.’