Definition of blanketweed in US English:



  • A common green freshwater alga that forms long unbranched filaments. It can be a problem in overenriched water and garden ponds.

    Genus Spirogyra, phylum Chlorophyta, kingdom Plantae (or Protista)

    • ‘I knew a few casts would be needed to get the baits in clear areas as a lot of dead blanket weed was on the bottom.’
    • ‘I climbed down from the tree and sat by the rod looking at the limp line running out over the blanket weed that enveloped this part of the lake.’
    • ‘The shade from the lily pads and the maple was sufficient to keep down the slimy blanket weed that was threatening to fill the pond earlier in the season.’
    • ‘Back at home, one of our chores this week has been scooping blanket weed out of the pond.’
    • ‘He does admit that blanket weed can be a nuisance with newly installed ponds, particularly towards the end of a hot summer.’