Definition of blanket coat in US English:

blanket coat


  • A loose, unstructured coat of a woolen or similar material, typically designed to be draped around the wearer like a blanket.

    • ‘His signature wool and mohair blanket coat is typical of his distinctive French style.’
    • ‘We also feature unique textile apparel, specifically a large collection of distinctive southwestern blanket coats and jackets.’
    • ‘There are tabard-shaped cardigans, wet-look bomber jackets, conservative dresses and blanket coats, all with strong tailoring and quirky finishes.’
    • ‘Created by the designer whose studio is in the rural farmlands of the Pyrenees, the slim blanket coats resonate with a fresh country feeling.’
    • ‘The chief had a ride on one of the camels, and looked very picturesque in his white blanket coat.’
    • ‘In 1854, the Indian Agent distributed blanket coats infected with small pox at a peace conference in Taos, New Mexico.’
    • ‘The wool from which both the blankets and blanket coats are made is a blend of selected varieties from several parts of the world.’
    • ‘Point blankets and point blanket coats are still in use today.’
    • ‘Our blanket coats can come with a leather collar, sleeves and trim.’
    • ‘He wore a white blanket coat, a broad hat of felt, moccasins and trousers of deerskin, oranamented along the seams with rows of long fringes.’
    • ‘The snowshoe outfit consisted of a knitted tuque, a blanket coat tied with a long sash around the waist, leggings, and moccasins.’
    • ‘Ranging from heavy parkas and blanket coats to wind breakers and rain coats, dog jackets will protect your little friend from the elements.’
    • ‘The other soldiers are believed to have had blanket coats of heavy white wool with blue trim.’
    • ‘The Indians traded beaver pelts for the comfortably fitting tailored style blanket coats and added their own decorations.’