Definition of blancmange in US English:



  • A sweet opaque gelatinous dessert made with cornstarch and milk.

    • ‘It was the day of her wedding and she had been shaking like a blancmange since the moment she woke up.’
    • ‘May I have some more of the pink blancmange please?’
    • ‘I had a sudden appetite for jelly and blancmange, you see.’
    • ‘There was also banana jelly, iced buns and blancmange.’
    • ‘That strange but unmistakable tang lingers over the domestic science block for a whole afternoon whenever first years try to make blancmange.’


Late Middle English blancmanger: from Old French blanc mangier, from blanc ‘white’ + mangier ‘eat’ (used as a noun to mean ‘food’). The shortened form without -er arose in the 18th century.