Definition of blam in US English:



  • Used to represent a loud sharp sound, as of a gunshot or explosion.

    ‘Blam! There is an explosion and nothing is the same’
    • ‘Blam! There go your chili-cheese nachos, all over the cashier in the lunch line.’
    • ‘BLAM! A gunshot rings out.’
    • ‘I thought it might be nice to start a thread on guerilla germs - that hide and mutate just under our radar until BLAM!’
    • ‘Blam! He took that one right on the chin.’
    • ‘"Certainly the (comic-book) language - the classic 'pow,' 'blam,' that sort of thing - will be involved."’
    • ‘No one finds redemption in the film, and just as we're made to think Lester is about to, blam.’
    • ‘He swung the bow around, aimed at some rustling grass - and blam!’
    • ‘I had to drink the last one quite quickly as we were moving on and as soon as we got outside, BLAM, it hit me.’
    • ‘Galactica is gritty, dark, and relevant for today, while still being full of space battles and gun fights and killer robots, zap kpow blam and such.’
    • ‘Last week I saw him at an annual event that I had been avoiding because of him (but finally felt confident enough to attend) and BLAM!’