Definition of Blairism in US English:



  • The policies and principles advocated by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    ‘the rise of Blairism’
    • ‘He opposed Blairism before it was called that.’
    • ‘If Blair goes, it will be a massive defeat for Blairism.’
    • ‘Where does he stand on Blairism and the New Labour project?’
    • ‘He tried to grasp why Blairism has been so electorally attractive to so many voters.’
    • ‘The allies for substantive Blairism will grow.’
    • ‘It was too close to have any effect on the voters anxious for an alternative to another four years of Blairism.’
    • ‘She won more money for the department and then spent much of it on international Blairism.’
    • ‘He spearheaded the policies now thought of as Blairism.’
    • ‘The prime minister reflects the two distinct strands of Blairism.’
    • ‘The general election was a bitter blow for Blairism’