Definition of bladderwort in US English:



  • An aquatic plant of north temperate regions, with small air-filled bladders which keep the plant afloat and trap tiny animals that provide additional nutrients.

    Genus Utricularia, family Lentibulariaceae

    • ‘Yellow dock root and an herb appropriately named bladderwort also reduce the chances of getting calcium stones, although science hasn't discovered exactly why.’
    • ‘A large, yellow-flowered bladderwort sends stems several inches above the surface of the water.’
    • ‘The bladderwort's lavender flowers adorn a stalk that may rise six feet above its tank.’
    • ‘Lakes and ponds have buttonbush, pickerel weed, horned bladderwort and water milfoil growing in the water.’
    • ‘Closing my eyes I can see, across the boggy run, a six-foot alligator erupting from the speckled combination of dark water and bright bladderwort.’