Definition of bladdernut in US English:



also bladder nut
  • 1A shrub or small tree of north temperate regions that bears white flowers and inflated seed capsules.

    Genus Staphylea, family Staphyleaceae: several species, in particular the American bladdernut (S. trifolia) of the eastern US

    • ‘You experience the ancient landscape with its indigenous plant communities like blue bells in the bottomland; and purple joe pye weed, bladder nut, and golden alexander under the oak canopy.’
    • ‘In the marshes and stream banks are green dragon, blue flag irises, swamp white oak, silver maple, bladder nut, poison ivy, bulrush, and willow.’
    • ‘The shrub cover is rather closed and contains saplings, red osier, grape vine and occasional pure stands of bladder nut.’
    1. 1.1 The fruit of the bladdernut.