Definition of blacktail deer in English:

blacktail deer

(also black-tailed deer)


  • A type of mule deer with black markings on the upper side of its tail, found west of the crest of the Cascade Mountains.

    • ‘Columbian blacktail deer are the subspecies of blacktails native to the Bay Area and normally inhabit a 100-mile-wide band of woodlands and coastal mountains extending inland from the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘Hair loss syndrome is a debilitating condition that causes blacktail deer to constantly chew at their fur.’
    • ‘These are the smaller blacktail deer that inhabit the coastal range from Mid-California to Alaska.’
    • ‘The man from Eugene, Oregon and has successfully hunted blacktail deer for over 30 years.’
    • ‘Although Alaska is home to bigger, more dangerous and more glamorous big game, Sitka blacktail deer hold a special place in the hearts of some hunters.’


blacktail deer

/ˌblaktāl ˈdir/