Definition of black nationalism in US English:

black nationalism


  • (especially in the US) advocacy of or support for unity and political self-determination for black people, especially in the form of a separate black nation.

    ‘he increasingly rejected the ideal of racial assimilation and came to favor black nationalism’
    • ‘From anti-colonial revolt to mass strikes, from Rastafarianism to black nationalism, this country has a long and proud tradition of struggle.’
    • ‘He expresses concern over the growth of disenchantment with Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, particularly since the 1960s and the rise of black nationalism.’
    • ‘Despite all the ways in which he is not a nationalist, black nationalism is embodied most forcibly in his character.’
    • ‘He provides a useful gloss on the history of dialogue between black feminism and black nationalism.’
    • ‘Although a man of the universalist left, Jimmy understood the lure and limited value of black nationalism for African-Americans.’
    • ‘Black emigration plans unveil the complexity of African American strategies for antislavery, citizenship rights, black nationalism, and familial and community survival.’
    • ‘These include the outlook of protest politics, Stalinism, bourgeois nationalism and forms of identity politics such as black nationalism.’
    • ‘It discusses the African American adoption of the Puritan foundational principles of the nation as a way of asserting black nationalism while critiquing white America's betrayal of its own ideals.’
    • ‘The most persuasive interpreter of black nationalism during the 1960s was Malcolm X, who proclaimed a challenging critique of King's philosophy of integration, nonviolence, and love.’
    • ‘The two were no doubt influenced by the civil rights movement, the urban unrest, the mass opposition to the Vietnam War and the spread of various radical ideologies - from Maoism to black nationalism.’
    • ‘From the Beat generation to black nationalism to socialist revolution: what a long, strange, incendiary trip it's been, one that has inspired reams of commentary and criticism.’
    • ‘The militancy was increasingly channeled into the blind alley of black nationalism and separatism.’
    • ‘The afro was understood to denote black pride, which became synonymous with black nationalism, activism, and a radical political consciousness.’
    • ‘Upstairs, seventh-graders are discussing black nationalism and the life of Marcus Garvey, who, in response to racism, urged blacks to create an independent nation.’
    • ‘It was from this class that black nationalism and the movement for racial equality recruited many prominent leaders.’
    • ‘The failures in Newark, combined with the factionalism and disillusion that followed the Gary convention, prompted him to abandon black nationalism for Marxism.’
    • ‘His advocacy of racial assimilation, his rejection of black nationalism as impractical, and his support for the woman suffrage movement all roused criticism.’
    • ‘And I said to myself, ‘I'm going to either be a Black Muslim or Black Panther’ because in those days the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims represented nationalism, black nationalism.’
    • ‘National black leaders largely focused their efforts on the consolidation of the civil rights gains of the 1960s, but many incorporated aspects of black nationalism and Pan-Africanism into their political perspectives.’
    • ‘The play mixed black nationalism, the blues and socialist ideas.’