Definition of Black Muslim in US English:

Black Muslim


  • A member of the group known as the Nation of Islam.

    • ‘The history of black Muslims in America has been divisive and there is certainly anger against the Nation of Islam for its separatist tendencies.’
    • ‘The author tries to remedy this, I think, with the character of the American doctor, a black Muslim who came to Afghanistan for spiritual renewal and lost his faith instead.’
    • ‘Many black Muslims were moved to join multiracial mosques, and Mohammed integrated these mosques into the renamed Muslim American Society.’
    • ‘One of the best quotes on multiculturalism comes from a black Muslim: ‘Bluebirds like to be together, eagles hang out with eagles, sparrows stick with sparrows, buzzards go with buzzards.’’
    • ‘So it's those kinds of connections - connections to American black Muslims, that are really intriguing and I think important, and potentially dangerous.’


Black Muslim

/blæk ˈməzləm/