Definition of Black Monk in US English:

Black Monk


  • A Benedictine monk.

    • ‘The Benedictines, really the Black Monks, came into their own after 800 AD when the pope and the Franks formed an alliance known as the Holy Roman Empire.’
    • ‘The Benedictines of Monte Cassino in Italy were the original Black Monks.’
    • ‘Beyond the village lay the Priory of the Black Monks, as we called the raven-clothed Benedictines.’
    • ‘I was stabbed by him in the abbey of the Black Monks of Perth.’
    • ‘Benedictines - or Black Monks for the color of their robes - oversaw vast numbers of monasteries that once numbered in the thousands.’


Middle English: so named because of the typical color of the order's habit.


Black Monk

/ˈblak məNGk/