Definition of black locust in US English:

black locust


  • A North American tree with compound leaves and dense, hanging clusters of fragrant white flowers, widely grown as an ornamental.

    Robinia pseudoacacia, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Turn on a black light, and some species such as black locust will glow.’
    • ‘The dogwood, oak, chestnut, pine, red maple, black locust, sassafras, hickory, willow, cottonwood, and redbud dotted the landscape.’
    • ‘The black locust grew at another company house, where Louise lived after her mother married a young forester.’
    • ‘In early fall when the weather was warm I sat on the wood and wrought-iron bench that was set out in front of the cafe under a black locust.’
    • ‘Additionally, 4 acres degraded by an invasive stand of black locust were restored to native grasslands.’