Definition of black guillemot in US English:

black guillemot


  • A seabird of the auk family with black summer plumage and large white wing patches, breeding on the coasts of the Arctic and North Atlantic.

    Cepphus grylle, family Alcidae

    • ‘Although the majority of breeding pairs lay a two-egg clutch, black guillemots differ markedly in the inter-egg interval and in the timing of the onset of incubation in relation to egg laying.’
    • ‘Throughout the isles you'll come across throngs of Arctic terns and both species of skuas, as well as black guillemots, gannets, shags, and Storm and Leach's petrels.’
    • ‘The black guillemot is a sexually monomorphic seabird that exhibits marked interpair variation in a number of breeding parameters.’
    • ‘On Alaska's North Slope, the researcher says diminishing sea ice is contributing to the disappearance of seabirds called black guillemots.’
    • ‘We also saw a couple of arctic terns messing about and a couple of black guillemots (rare almost!)’