Definition of black grouse in US English:

black grouse


  • A large Eurasian grouse, the male of which has glossy blue-black plumage and a lyre-shaped tail. The males display in communal leks.

    Tetrao tetrix, family Tetraonidae (or Phasianidae); the male is called a blackcock and the female a greyhen

    • ‘These trees will help to provide shelter and food for birds including the rare black grouse.’
    • ‘All he succeeded in shooting was a single black grouse, perched singing on a tree branch.’
    • ‘Grouse numbers are up by 25 per cent on last year and conditions have been ideal for other rare moorland game birds, such as the black grouse and grey partridge.’
    • ‘Large uninhabited forests and mountain areas have supported a rich wildlife and provided opportunities for hunting (elk, reindeer, red and roe deer, hare, ptarmigan, black grouse, capercaillie).’
    • ‘We have some exceptionally rare birds there, like hen harriers, black grouse, and we are setting up an osprey platform.’


black grouse

/ˌblak ˈɡrous/