Definition of black cherry in English:

black cherry


  • 1A large North American cherry tree that yields valuable close-grained hard wood.

    • ‘Pin cherry (P. pensylvanica), black cherry (P. serotina), and chokecherry (P. virginiana) are some of the best trees for attracting birds.’
    • ‘Sugar maples commonly share the forest with ironwood, beech, basswood, white ash, black cherry, yellow birch, white pine, and red oak.’
    • ‘The subcanopy also contains a scattering of hawthorn, black cherry, white pine, and eastern hemlock.’
    • ‘The entrance is framed by a forest canopy of hackberry, with flowering dogwood, wild black cherry, and box elder forming a lush secondary layer.’
    • ‘For variety, you might want to plant black cherry and oak, too.’
    1. 1.1 The bitter blackish fruit of the black cherry tree, sometimes used for jellies and regularly eaten by wild birds and animals.
      • ‘This sounds simple enough but the deeper flavours of the black cherries married magically with the creamy mess and light brioche bread.’
      • ‘Cheese is served with brandy-soaked black cherries, truffle honey, and spicy Seville-orange mostarda, a chutneylike condiment.’
      • ‘We then hummed along more pastoral roads, stopping at a roadstand to buy kilos of juicy black cherries fresh from the trees, and apples and honey and newly-baked apple cake.’
      • ‘At your next dinner party, try serving a big bowl of black cherries with some dark chocolate, or a simple but elegant tray of a variety of fruits and dessert cheeses.’
      • ‘There is foie gras grilled with black cherries and in a preparation flavoured with Chinese 10 spice.’