Definition of black bass in US English:

black bass


  • A North American freshwater fish of the sunfish family. It is a popular sporting and food fish.

    Genus Micropterus, family Centrarchidae: several species, in particular the largemouth bass (M. salmoides) and the smallmouth bass (M. dolomieui)

    • ‘If you'd rather be fishing, head to Little Seneca Lake in Black Hill Regional Park, just north of Germantown, where you might hook some largemouth bass, tiger musky, crappie, catfish, and several types of sunfish.’
    • ‘The twin lakes are stocked with channel catfish, blue catfish, bluegill sunfish and largemouth bass.’
    • ‘Fish for rainbow, brook, and brown trout, and smallmouth bass.’
    • ‘Adult fish were reintroduced to Central Long in late May 1995 (9 smallmouth bass, 9 largemouth bass, and 155 yellow perch).’
    • ‘For example, brook trout were rarely collected in northeastern lakes with smallmouth bass.’


black bass

/ˌblak ˈbas//ˌblæk ˈbæs/