Definition of bitstream in US English:



  • 1A stream of data in binary form.

    • ‘Each quality layer represents an incremental contribution (possibly empty) from the embedded bitstream associated with each code-block in the image.’
    • ‘After pressing Generate Programming File, the bitstream is created automatically from the FPGA implementation data.’
    • ‘A psycho-acoustical encoder psycho-acoustically encodes the second audio signal and outputs a second bitstream and a second bit rate possessed by a second bitstream.’
    • ‘Altera's MPLD uses the same bitstream as for its programmable devices and has more or less the same structure.’
    • ‘To effect the manipulation and associated re-creation of the data flow, time slots need to occur at the same relative rate in the bitstream.’
    1. 1.1Bitstreamtrademark in US A system of digital-to-analog signal conversion used in some audio CD players, in which the signal from the CD is digitally processed to give a signal at a higher frequency before being converted to an analog signal.
      as modifier ‘a Bitstream CD player’
      • ‘Some of the next generation of Bitstream CD players and digital decoders, including the Meridian 603 and 606 converters, will incorporate this new chip.’
      • ‘In the days before Bitstream, CD players came with impressive labels like 16x4 (16-bit/four-times oversampling), PEM (Pulse Edge Modulated), PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) and Multi Stage Noise Shaping (MASH).’
      • ‘What characterizes well-designed bitstream CD players is the absence of the metallic hardness that often marred the sound of low-cost CD players.’